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The very highest peak looks like the deaths may precede vaccination. I presume that is just the rolling average causing some lag.

Was a negative PCR test ever a requirement for vaccination? If so, testing could have become more concentrated among the frail elderly during the rollout, leading to spurious excess? Maybe a way to look at this is to look at ratio of non-covid deaths to CDR.

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I'm beginning to see whey the call it the "spike" protein ...

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You have surpassed even your own very high standards on this one, John.

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Terrific analysis.

However couldn't you get this kind of effect if the three underlying measures (cases, tests and deaths) got out of synch a bit.

Eg suppose there was a transient increase in the delay in reporting deaths. This could mean they were pushed forward into weeks when cases had already subsided - giving a very large, but artefactual deaths:CDR ratio. The requirement for a 3rd variable, tests, to also be reported consistently over time seems to increase the scope for this quite a lot.

Is that something you can rule out?

Also how meaningful do you think this is in terms of numbers of deaths? The ratio gives an impressive peak but as your last chart shows, this is on a tiny amount of deaths, for much of the peak.

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After thinking about this for a day, I find the resulting graph too perfect. Everything you did to arrive here makes sense but the result appears to be curiously perfect. Not a particularly helpful statement I know, but I thought I should put it out there. I'm not sure that I can come up with an approach to attempt to disprove result though.

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I estimate 3 out of 5 boys 12-17, double jabbed and infected experience some form of heart damage, because more than 30% of reports from this subsample contain chestpain, 18% contain Troponin increased and 15% contain myocarditis (difference in proportion to pseudo-placebo reference).


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I don't understand statistics very well but it seems your last graph shows a mismatch between CDR and covid deaths around April 2020. Dr Sam Bailey gives an interesting talk on excess mortality at that time. By drilling down to national level across the UK and mainland Europe using Euromomo figures she shows a correlation between the Oxford Recovery and WHO Solidarity aggressive drug trials and excess mortality - other factors such as moving elderly sick people from hospitals to nursing homes and other inhumane and stupid measures probably also played a role. Note that Sam doesn't accept the science put forward for a novel virus in the first place (as I don't myself).


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