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I’m a former allied health professional and NHS head of department for clinical audit at a busy teaching hospital, with specialism in assessment of clinical outcomes for cardiac surgery, cardiology and cardiac anaesthesia. Before this I headed a statistical modelling section as a PSO/G7 UK government scientist working on a wide variety of projects.

My COVID studies kicked-off in April 2020 after I realised the official narrative didn't make sense, so I decided to grab some data and wade in. Since then I have posted +250k words of analytical output on social media and penned a total of 86k words in 17 short notes covering various topics. My support work for HART stands at 20 reports, 84k words, 169 tables and 148 figures; and now continues on Substack, with articles offered on a weekly basis.

With the passing of the third anniversary of the UK lockdown I shall be expanding my horizon to look beyond the pandemic at a variety of health issues. My interests lie in cardiac disease, hypertension, the transmission of epidemic influenza, and the impact of space weather, all of which will be tackled in due course.

It takes a great deal of effort to undertake the work that I do, sometimes exceeding 50 hours per week. This level of commitment is made possible through regular subscription income upon which I depend.

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A retired statistician and former NHS Head of Department (Clinical Audit) at a busy teaching hospital puts down the pruning shears to explore various facets of the COVID-19 pandemic.


John Dee

A former PSO/G7 UK government scientist and one-time NHS 'suit' who, being an applied statistician, simply can't resist crunching numbers for breakfast each day.