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Cranking the handle on COVID kicked-off in Mar 2020 when the official narrative for a deadly novel virus didn’t match my experience and that of colleagues. As a former NHS head of department (Clinical Audit) with specialism in assessing clinical outcomes and therapies I decided to grab some data and wade in. Since then I have posted +200k words of analytical output on Facebook and Substack and penned a total of 86k words in 17 short notes covering various topics. My support work for HART came to a halt at 20 reports, 84k words, 169 tables and 148 figures (some of these have now been published) but it continues pretty much weekly on Substack. That I have managed to pen +370k words and not run out of steam is down to the quality of my biscuit supply and a decent-sized teapot. The truth is out there but you’re not going to hear it from officials and institutionalised experts.

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The analytical journal of an applied statistician and former NHS 'suit'.


John Dee 
A former head of clinical audit at a busy NHS teaching hospital with specialism in clinical outcomes. Prior to this I headed a statistical modelling section as a G7 government scientist, providing consultancy for both public & private sectors.