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To be honest weknow they can be delays in processing, what shouldn’t happen is the juggling act that seems to be relentless where governments and departments are concerned. Once a death is logged is should be on the correct day and week stats for all to view.

Governments love the old sleight of hand trick where numbers are concerned, they’ll flip from actual numbers to percentages when they are projecting whether they’ve hit or missed a target or just want to instill fear.

I don’t really watch msm but when I do I read rather than just listen to what they are saying, I wish the public did more of this as you learn far more observant than just being spoon fed what they want you to know. I’ve been a people watcher since I was a kid and it makes it a lot easier to spot body language and behaviour from what someone is saying.

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Quite! Obfuscation is a sure sign of the heart of any matter when it comes to government data.

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Another suggestion: Could waning VE also be related to increased testing the longer it has been since a person’s last dose (i.e. clinicians start having less belief in a person’s protection over time)? Not sure how to test that. Maybe a correlation between doses given and tests given that increases with increasing lag, maybe isolating just some more distinct vaccination waves.”

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